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Acterna OLP-15c-OLP-16c- OLP-18c and OLP-30c Optical Power Meters

The Acterna OLS-15C, Acterna OLP 16C Power Meter, and OLP 30C Optical Power meter is for installing and maintaining single mode cables and networks. The battery operating time is in a rugged pocket sized casing for straight forward use in the field. The Acterna OLS-15C Optical Power Meter is designed specifically for installing and maintaining single mode fibers and fiber optic networks.

Acterna's OLP 15C- Acterna's high-performance OLP product range provides excellent robustness, high accuracy and outstanding documentation capabilities.


High power measurement range from -55 to +30 dBm for DWDM and Raman amplified systems (OLP-30c)
Precise high-power measurements at up to + 26 dBm (OLP-18c)
Structured data memory for 1000 results and dedicated OFS-300 Optical Fiber ASSISTANT software
RS-232 data recall provides remote control and direct printout facilities on site, rugged shock-proof design guarantees long life


OLP-15c The universal solution for optical power measurement in the range of -70 up to +20 dBm
OLP-16c The solution for the measurement of very low optical power values in the range of -80 up to +15 dBm with additional 1625 nm wavelength
OLP-18c The solution for the measurement of very high optical power values in the range of -60 up to +28 dBm with additional 1625 nm wavelength
OLP-30c Ideal for high power measurement ranges from -55 to +30dBm, the solution for DWDM & Raman amplified systems including 1625nm wavelength
TWINtest: cuts test time in half and simplifies handling due to automatic attenuation measurements at 1310/1550 nm & automatic wavelength detection ensures fast and secure testing
Simple fiber identification together with an Acterna OLS light source


Ideal for wide application area
Efficient measurements due to superior recording facilities
Automatic features simplify handling
Modulation for easy fiber recognition
High Performance solutions for single mode applications

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