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Cable Management Racks combine the features of a high quality relay rack, as well as effective cable routing and raceway facilities, all in one complete unit. All aluminum cable management rack allows for the mounting of a wide variety of 19 inch wide patch panels, hubs, switches, and related rack mount equipment. The rack is supplied with cable hangers, cable ties and generous provisions for organizing incoming cables for termination with effective patch cord management on the front. Racks are shipped with all assembly required plus an accessory pack that includes 20 cable ties, 16 cable hangers, 40 cuphead mounting screws, and grommeting for cable routing cutouts.

Standard equipments racks are designed for 19 inch rack mount equipment. Racks are constructed of aluminum and are available in a variety of standard heights. Each rack is drilled and tapped on both the front and the rear rails with 10-32 holes on EIA spacing. Standard rack finish is black. Racks are packaged knocked down for easy shipment.

Cable Management Racks

Part Number



Cable Management Rack, 19"W x 84"H, Black Finish, 10-32 Holes

Cable Management Racks

Part Number



19" Equipment Rack, 19"W x 84"H, Black Finish, 10-32 Holes


19" Equipment Rack, 19"W x 48"H, Black Finish, 10-32 Holes


19" Equipment Rack, 19"W x 84"H, Milled Finish, 10-32 Holes


19" Equipment Rack, 19"W x 48"H, Milled Finish, 10-32 Holes





ATS's standard 19 inch cable management rack has an all-steel construction, making it ideal for use with heavy data or electronic equipment. It has integral 6 inch cable channels along both sides of the rack to manage and conceal bulk cable vertically along the inside of the rack. The rack has several cable tie anchor points throughout the cable channel to secure cable bundles with VELCRO® ties. The unique 24-inch-overall design allows the rack to accommodate raised floor configurations and support heavy data and electronic equipment.

Cable management rack features include:

Extruded 10-32 tapped mounting holes on front and rear of rack, which allow screws to firmly secure equipment
Two top cable troughs which support and route large amounts of cable, maintaining minimum bend radius
Cable Management rings which mount to the front or rear of the rack to provide additional vertical organization
A slotted hole design on the base for easy rack adjustment
Assembly holes with steel threads which minimize cable stripping during assembly
10-32 mounting screws
Compatibility with 19 inch width panels and compliance with EIA-310-D spacing standard specifications (5/8 x 5/8 x 1/2 inch)

ATSMSCMR48 4 ft., (48 in.) Rack, Steel, Black
ATSMSCMR84 7 ft., (84 in.) Rack, Steel, Black

ICC Cat 5e 66 Blocks- List Price $ 5.95 each

We have modified our packaging of our 66 blocks to make them more contractor friendly. They are individually shrink wrapped and labeled for easy single unit sales. ICC now offers 66 blocks in quantities of 50 items per carton.  This will help inventory concerns at most distribution channels, along with convenient shipping both for ICC and its customers.  For additional information, please contact your customer service rep using the contact info below.  Pricing is still based on unit quantities -suggested list is $ 5.95 each.  Product can be individually ordered or ordered in carton quantities.

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